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The difficulties graduates encounter when choosing jobs

  • They do not understand their own interest, or which job is suitable for them
  • They do not know how to enter the industry although they confirm their direction
  • They cannot adapt because of different reasons after they got the job

Therefore, we suggest that student should prepare themselves well when they are studying. As we spend almost half of our life for working, we can build up our own future if we could prepare earlier.

Three steps of employment preparation

  • Understanding yourself:
    Use different psychological tests to help students understand their implicit personalities, potential and interests systematically. We hope that students can plan and develop their own career. Apart from joining different Personality Dimensions(PD) and MBTI workshops, students can also seek advice through individual meetings with counsellor to plan their own career.
  • Career exploration and market understanding:
    To find an ideal job, recognizing your own direction and understanding the needs of the market are essential to assess the opportunity to start the career. Students can also:
    • Understand training requirement, qualifications, nature of work, conditions of employment, working hours and the environment of the industry.
    • Understand and pay attention to the potential of long-term development and direction of the industry
    In order to provide different opportunities for students to explore and understand the requirements, market conditions and development of the industry, SALED regularly organizes seminars, visits and recruitment activities of different industries.
  • Equipping yourself:
    After understanding your own direction and market requirements, we recommend that students should obtain the skills in advance which are necessary for the job when they are studying, in order to increase employment opportunities. SALED provides employment skills workshops and internship opportunities for students regularly to enrich students' experience.